Fortellerkveld med Michael Harvey

Har du noen gang hatt gleden av å lytte til en ordentlig god forteller – reise avgårde på fortellingens vinger? Uansett om svaret er ja eller nei på dette spørsmålet, bør du ikke la denne sjansen gå fra deg!
11.Okt.2014 – kl. 18:30

Billettpris: 150 kroner (100 kroner for studenter, medlemmer i Nordnorsk fortellerforum m. følge og medlemmer i RadArt med følge Billetter kan kun kjøpes i døra.

Den anerkjente engelske fortelleren Michael Harvey gjester Tromsø i oktober. Harvey har reist gjennom store deler av Europa, USA og Sør-Amerika med fortellerforestillingen Voices from the Wild

“He combines depth of material with lightness of delivery which is timed and paced to perfection and minted fresh for every audience”

Voices from the Wild

An evening of traditional tales from a well-travelled storyteller who wanders far from home but still keeps his feet firmly on Welsh soil. The first half of the evening will whet our appetite with a variety of stories from near and far before plunging us into the mysterious world of the Breton wonder tale in the second half of the evening.

Get ready for a landscape filled with encounters with beauties, beasts, strange companions, bizarre marriages, and ruthless atonement. In a charm-your-socks-off performance, Michael Harvey draws on the collections of François-Marie Luzel and others, to recast and retell these grown up tales of wonder with a disarmingly light touch. These stories come from a place where everyday life and the fantastic collide – somewhere simultaneously earthy, ethereal and real… with a decidedly comedic twist.

Michael Harvey

Michael was a recipient of a Major Creative Wales Award in 2011 and is a leading figure in the storytelling revival. He works all over Wales and regularly tours abroad and is currently attached to La Maison du Conte in Paris, a major centre of research and experimentation in contemporary storytelling.