GROTTO 11-13 (Simulacrum)

Colombianske Raul Vargas Torres har vendt tilbake til Tromsø med forestillingen GROTTO 11-13 (Simulacrum). Raul har tidligere bodd i Tromsø og er en del av RadArt 

GROTTO 11-13 er et kollektivt og kroppslig rituale for helbredelse. I et møte mellom filosofi og kunst, får publikum delta i en provoserende og leken reise i historiefortelling og paradoksale illusjoner. En samtale om vår kropps rolle i verden i dag.  


GROTTO 11-13 (Simulacrum) is an immersive and participative theater performance that proposes a liminal space for interaction, co-existence, and    a dialogue around the role of our body in today`s world.

Could it be the case that we, the human species, have arrived at a point of motionlessness? a sort of frenetic paralysis that imprison our actions and discourses. A state of being in which there is no longer the possibility of reacting to individual events, but rather, only the ability to adapt from one tragedy to the next? That philosophy and art serve is one of comfort; a reflexive resolution for events that break down our life by frustrating the popular and individual struggles?

Can we really do what is convenient and desired, and at the same time be able to suffer in an appropriate way the blows to which we are subjected? 

How to conquer a free and shared gesture that endows us with shrewd words and timely decisions capable of transforming the real?

GROTTO 11-13 A collective somatic ritual of entropy and healing, an encounter between philosophy and art, a provocative and playful journey along storytelling and a paradoxical illusion, a delirium; a simulacrum of sorts…

Director and concept: Raul Vargas Torres
Performer: Raúl Vargas Torres and collaboration with Marianne Tuckmann.
Light Designer: Nicola Horne
Sound designer: Ariel Victor Schlichter
Dramaturgy: Micha Goldberg
concept Advisor: Selina Thüring

Supported by: Kulturrådet-Art Council Norway, Tromsø Kommune -Rådstua Teaterhus, Maison en Scène – VEREIN DER KÜNSTE (CH).

In collaboration with:

Rådstua Teaterhus (Tromsø), Nordic black Theater(Oslo), Theater Haus-mitte (Berlin), International circus festival of Bogotá (Col).

Special thanks to: Davvi Senter for Scenekunst and Kulta.