KINOBOX at Rådstua (basement) opening hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 3PM – 7PM
20.10. & 22.10.2020
27.10. & 29.10.2020

Instagram: @kinobox_tromso

Hei! We would like to inform you about a new project within the city of Tromsø, and to invite you to visit KINOBOX.  


KINOBOX is a micro-cinema – an intimate screening space dedicated to showing artists' moving-image (AMI) in Rådstua (basement), in the centre of Tromsø. KINOBOX is initiated, run and curated by Ruth Aitken and Sarah Schipschack.

During opening hours a single, short work will play on a loop, allowing people to pop in and out when they have time. Each programme will be available for two weeks. Our first programme will show the work Surfacing by Norwegian artist Ørjan Amundsen.

The familiar (but tiny!) 4-seat cinema gives free access to film works. You can return, over and over, building up a relationship to a film, an artist or artists' moving image more generally. It offers a more comfortable viewing experience than a gallery, but you can still share the experience with others – much like cinema.

Om programmet / about the programme

"Surfacing" er et dypdykk i samtidens digitale kultur. Verket er en åpen og leken undersøkelse av hvordan overflater uttrykker fornemmelser av materialer, estetikk, teknologi og objekter.  

Ørjan Amundsen (1982) er utdannet på kunstakademiet i Tromsø (BA), og i Trondheim (MA). Sentralt i Amundsens kompositoriske metode står bruk av appropriasjon, collage, sampling, montage. Stategier som involverer redigering, manipulasjon og sammenstillinger av allerede eksisterende visuelt, litterært, og auditivt materiale.

"Surfacing" is a deep dive into today's digital culture. The work is an open and playful exploration of how surfaces express the sensation of materials, aesthetics, technology and objects.  

Ørjan Amundsen (1982) has graduated with a BA from Tromsø Academy of Arts and an MA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Central in Amundsen's compositional method is the use of appropriation, collage, sampling and montage. Strategies involve editing, manipulation and combining already existing visual, literary and aural material. 

About curators 

Ruth Aitken has a Ba(Hons) in Time-Based Art and Digital Film (2012) from the University of Dundee and an MA in Contemporary Art from Tromsø Kunstakademiet (2018). In addition to working with moving-image within her own practice she has been producing artists' moving-image projects through Generator Projects, Dundee (2013) and latterly with Kurant Kino for Kurant Visningsrom, which she has been running since 2018. Curatorially and artistically, these have been geared towards serving their local community and meeting the cultural needs of the local art scenes, which are often underserved due to their distance from large art capitals (such as both Dundee and Tromsø).  


Sarah Schipschack has extensive experience as programmer and film curator. She has worked for the independent arthouse cinema Kinobar Prager Frühling in Leipzig. She was head of programming for her video store/archive Filmgalerie Alpha60, and as curator for Reihe Experimentalfilm, she put together more than 50 programs, including more than 400 films and over 200 filmmakers and artists. In the years 2017-2019 Schipschack was film curator in residence and in charge of building up an artist moving images program for artists run initiative Kurant. In 2017 she was guest curator for the second edition of AMIFF – Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival in Harstad. She taught an Artists' Moving Image course at the Nordland Film-og kunstfagskole, Kabelvåg, Norway. Polar Film Lab, an analogue film lab in Tromsø, was established in 2016 together with Lithuanian filmmaker and artist Emilija Skarnulyte. Sarah currently is associated producer with Ice-9 in Tromsø.

We are grateful as this project has been made possible with help from Rådstua, Kurant Visningsrom, Polar Film Lab, Tromsø Kunstforening and Ørjan Amundsen.  

Ruth & Sarah

where and when  
KINOBOX at Rådstua Teaterhus basement, Vestregata 48, 9008 Tromsø  
Tuesday and Thursday 3PM – 7PM
20.10. & 22.10.2020
27.10. & 29.10.2020


20.Okt.2020 – kl. 15:00 Rådstua Teaterhus (Kjeller) – GRATIS
22.Okt.2020 – kl. 15:00 Rådstua Teaterhus (Kjeller) – GRATIS
27.Okt.2020 – kl. 15:00 Rådstua Teaterhus (kjeller) – GRATIS
29.Okt.2020 – kl. 15:00 Rådstua Teaterhus (Kjeller) – GRATIS